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A player in Montreal worked out that the same numbers were repeating every day, and he won two big jackpots before the casino shut down the game. The problem was that the RNG was turned off every night, rebooted every morning, and used the same seed number to begin its calculations of numbers. Some U.S. casinos used the same model keno RNG, but ran it 24/7, so the rebooting issue never came up. Random number generators as used in the casino industry are really pseudo-random number generators. An algorithm is used to calculate the numbers, and a seed number is used as a starting point on which to base the calculations. If the same seed number is used each time the RNG is rebooted, then the calculations will get off to the same start every time. The obvious fix in Montreal in 1993 was to leave the RNG running all night, even after the casino had closed. Beyond that, systems had to be devised to start the RNG with different seed numbers upon reboot. On slot machines, even if restarts were necessary and the same seed was used, you wouldn't necessarily see a recognizable pattern.

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